United States Paranormal Association (c) (tm)

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United States
Paranormal Association
Our mission is to conduct methodical and objective investigations at reported haunted locations as well as the reported UFO sighting and or abductions by gathering and examining all known evidence with the assistance of special equipment, and by documenting those findings.  We will use the collected talent of our members to assist those in need. Should a situation arise that exceeds our experience, skills, knowledge or manpower, we will seek assistance from an outside agency or other specialist.

To promote research on Hauntings and UFOs to discover the true nature of the phenomenon, with an eye towards scientific breakthroughs, and improving life.

Finally, to educate the public on the various paranormal phenomenon and its potential impact on society.

And provide high-quality professional training to those dedicated to the investigations of said phenomenon. 
Ghost / Haunting Investigations
We have a team of dedicated UFO investigators who investigate and document reported cases of Unidentified Flying Objects and/or abductions.  Our members are highly trained in the investigation of reported UFO's and abductions and work cooperatively with other national organizations.  
UFO Investigators 
Our association has members who are dedicate the investigation and research of reported haunted locations.   Our investigators are highly trained and experienced in the field of investigations and take an objective look at all reports/cases and attempt to find resolution and/or debunk reported hauntings.